Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

G.P, TMC and York axles are $350 per set. BPW axles are $450 per set.  Replacement single use bolts with spacers are $50 per set. A set will be sufficient for 3 axles. 

The original box of Tru-Shu includes a full set of all required bolts, washers, nuts and spacers. The bolts will need to be replaced the next time your brake shoes are changed.

All Tru-Shu products are shipped for FREE.

Tru-Shu are manufactured from AS/NZS 5131 Steel combined with German hardware. All materials were selected as most fit for purpose.

Tru-Shu can be reused repeatedly over many years. The bolt is a single use bolt and must be replaced each time it is removed when replacing worn brake shoes. Packs of 12 Tru-Shu bolts, nuts and washers can be purchased on this site. All other parts are not interchangeable with any other product.

Tru-Shu will ship anywhere in Australia for FREE.

Brakes riding out of the side of the drum is caused by heat generated by heavy braking resulting in the brake drums becoming bell shaped. As a result there is outward pressure on the brake shoes as they are applied. Some operators attempt to bend the shoes back in, but this is not recommended as it can result in metal fatigue and damage to the brake. Brakes riding out the side of the drum can happen on a new axle on its first set of brakes.

No, Tru-Shu has been examined by Australia Recognised Engineering Signatory/Authorised Vehicle Examiner and found to be sound and effective. Tru-Shu is the same principle as fitting an after-market Bull Bar or Neoprene bushes. They improve the performance according to the owners higher level of requirements. See report

The materials have been chosen based on research and testing to Australian standards. For example coating with a bio-corrosion inhibitors was chosen over common coatings that cause Hydrogen Embrittlement, thus shortening the life of the product

Tru-Shu itself has been tested over a range of Prime movers and trailers. This has been done for over 3 years in its various stages of development. It has not on any occasions failed to perform and the problem of shoes riding out of the side of the drums has been eliminated entirely.

Please see our helpful video below.

Please see our helpful video below