Say G’day to Tru-Shu.
More braking, less

How Tru-Shu works.

Tru-Shu eliminates the need to buy new brake shoes prematurely, turning a thousand dollar replacement into an easy and affordable precaution.

Over time and use, truck brake shoes will warp and push outwards, causing the need for replacement and maintenance.

Tru-Shu fits directly to the existing brake shoe, physically stopping the outward movement of the brake shoe.

With the Tru-Shu now fitted, this trucks brakes have been brought back into alignment and are ready to continue working as they should.

This process turns a costly, unpredictable replacement exercise into a simple, quick and inexpensive brake maintenance solution.

How much could I save on brake maintenance annually?

  • $

* Estimated calculations are based on the purchase of 1 box of Tru-Shu (GP, TMC, York) and a truck trailer having 3 axles.
Furthermore, savings are increased for every year after as Tru-Shu only needs to be applied once for the life of the trailer.
**when the fault occurs

The absolute brake solution.

Avoid expensive major defects
Less downtime, more road-time
Predictable, scheduled maintenance
Less brake replacements

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much does Tru-Shu cost?

G.P, TMC and York axles are $350 per set. BPW axles are $450 per set.  Replacement single use bolts with spacers are $50 . A set will be sufficient for 3 axles.

The original box of Tru-Shu includes a full set of all required bolts, washers, nuts and spacers. The bolts will need to be replaced the next time your brake shoes are changed.

All Tru-Shu products are shipped for FREE. Express post is available at checkout for $30

How long does Tru-Shu last?

Tru-Shu can be reused repeatedly over many years. The bolt is a single use bolt and must be replaced each time it is removed when replacing worn brake shoes. Packs of 12 Tru-Shu bolts, nuts and washers can be purchased on this site. All other parts are not interchangeable with any other product.

What are Tru-Shu made of?

Tru-Shu are manufactured from AS/NZS 5131 Steel combined with German hardware. All materials were selected as most fit for purpose.

Does Tru-Shu ship nationally?

Tru-Shu will ship anywhere in Australia for the fixed price listed on this website. All Tru-Shu products are shipped for FREE.

Phil Cook
Workshop Manager, Whiteline Transport
Mick Schubert
Schubert Haulage
I have a few trailers that had persistent brake shoe alignment problems. No matter how much I spent it wouldn't go away. When I was shown Tru-Shu I could immediately tell it would solve the problem. So I spent a few hundred dollars and a problem that costs thousands has gone!
Ashley Hill
AW & F Hill Transport
One of my trailers was defected on its first set of brakes, despite being a new trailer. I therefore replaced all brake shoes and drums, as they were all badly out of alignment. Before the second set were half worn out they were also out of alignment. Now this problem is gone thanks to fitting a set of Tru-Shu.